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Wildfire Prevention

Posted On
Aug 09, 2016
Local News


Eastern Idaho summer’s are often hot and dry, which makes us a hotbed for wildfires.

Over the last 30 years, our district has averaged 149 fires per year that burn approximately 65,350 acres, according to the Idaho Falls Bureau of Land Management District. Of these fires, approximately 50 percent are caused by humans.

Some of the most common causes of the wildfires are campfires, fireworks, cigarettes and vehicles.


One of the highlights of any camping trip might also be the most dangerous when it comes to wildfires. Before starting your campfire, you must ensure your have a proper fire pit. In most cases, your fire pit should have a diameter of 3 feet, and it should be located at least 10 feet away from combustible materials.

When the time comes to put out your campfire, it is important to properly douse your fire. You must make sure all embers are extinguished. Never leave a fire that is still burning.


On holidays in the United States, fireworks are a tradition. When properly used and disposed of, they are beautiful. When misused, on the other hand, they can be quite dangerous. When setting off fireworks, it is import to be aware of your surroundings. Do not light fireworks near homes, fields or other areas with high amounts of combustible materials.

After each firework has been lit, it is important to either put the used fireworks in a bucket of water or to spray them down.


When properly disposed of, cigarettes pose no threat. When a cigarette is simply tossed out a car window onto the side of the road, the fire risk is huge. The safest way to dispose of your cigarettes is to put the out on an ashtray. Additionally, you might put your cigarette in a cup of water prior to throwing it away to ensure the flame has been put out.


When out camping, try to avoid parking your vehicle on or near dry grass. The heat from your car might cause the vegetation to ignite.

If you are towing something behind your vehicle with chains, it is important to ensure the chains are not rubbings against the ground and sparking. The sparks might cause the vegetation along the side of to ignite.

Preventing Wildfires

As you continue your adventures in Yellowstone-Teton Territory this summer, please do your part to prevent wildfires. Be sure to act responsibly with campfires, fireworks, cigarettes and vehicles.

The team at the Teton Foot and Ankle Center, an Idaho Falls podiatrist, wants to remind everyone to have safe, fun adventures in Yellowstone-Teton Territory this summer.