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MSN Article Features Caramel Shake from Frostop as Idaho’s Best Milkshake

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Mar 08, 2016
Local News


The caramel shake from Frostop Drive-in in Ashton has been chosen as Idaho’ best milkshake.

The caramel milkshake from Frostop was featured in an article called “The Best Milkshake in Every State in America” on MSN’s Food & Drink section.

The part of the article about Idaho stated, “The Frostop Drive-In may have exchanged owners over the years, but their iconic taste has never wavered.  Old-fashioned in the best kind of way, the milkshakes served up by Frostop will have you wondering why there are not more locations across Idaho. Grab an order of fries (after all, potatoes are a super food) and their caramel shake and taste for yourself the sweet and salty bliss Highway 20 has come to know and love for over 40 years.”

According to Frostop owner Hannah McCausey, Frostop actually celebrated its 50-year anniversary last year. McCausey has owned the restaurant since 2007, and before taking ownership of it, she had worked for the previous owner since 1999.

And, she said, since she has been working at the drive-in since 1999, the milkshake recipe has remained the same.

“I’ve been just using the same recipe for years,” she said.

McCausey said perhaps what makes their recipe so good is the ingredients they use at Frostop.

“First off, I think it’s because we use a real milk product,” she said.

Another element that McCausey believes sets her milkshakes apart is the old-fashioned feel,” She said.

She said they have a saying in their restaurant that they try to live by: “Quality takes time and effort.”

“I really feel like we have good, quality food,” McCausey said.

She said she did not know about MSN’s tribute to Frostop’s caramel milkshakes until someone tagged her about it on the Ashton News Facebook page.

“I thought that was kind of cool,” she said.

She said she has been encouraged by the way the community has reacted to see in Frostop recognized on a national website.

“I’ve got a lot of good comments and a lot of texts,” she said.

McCausey loves being a part of Frostop, partly because of all the people who pass through it.

“You ever know every day what you’re going to do or who you’re going to meet,” she said.

Julie Reid, who grew up in Ashton and moved back for good in 2007, said she has been eating at Frostop “forever.”

“In high school my friends and I would stop after school and get an ice cream cone and watch football practice across the way,” she said.

She said Frostop has become a treat for her whole family.

“We love to go there for lunch when we have been working cows or doing concrete,” She said. “It’s also great to grab and take home for a fun dinner.”

Reid explained that every time Frostop changed owners there was a worry that everything would change, but she said that hasn’t been the case, she said every owner has realized there is a tradition in keeping it the way it is, but at the same time, she said new owners have added and improved on that tradition. She said the McCauseys are carrying on a great tradition. Reid describes Frostop shakes as thick and creamy and said the wafer cookie that comes with them is even better than a cherry on top.

“The soft-serve ice cream means lumps won’t even be an option, and the old fashioned mixer they use makes watching the process just as much fun as eating it,” she said.

She feels that it is about time Ashton was recognized on a national website; she said Ashton is a “small secret” of which the world should be aware.

“Although if everyone knew it, some fear it might not be as special. To that, I say “Phooey!” Reid said, “This is an amazing town/community and a beautiful land that will only benefit by sharing it. We are so blessed to be able to live here, and knowing that Frostop has been recognized just shows that others are recognizing that.”

Tiffany Seely-Case, who is also from Ashton, said she and her husband were thrilled to stumble upon the MSN article that included Frostop.

“It is always nice to have positive connections to something that makes the national news,” she said.

We come back to Ashton as much as we can, and that almost always means a trip to the Frostop for good food and great memories. Plus, the owners of the Frostop do so many great things for the community that we are thrilled to see them recognized in such a positive way.”

Frostop is family owned and operated, and McCausey, who recently welcomed her first grandchild, plans for her family to keep ownership of it for generations to come.

Originally in the Upper Valley Standard Journal on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 by Amanda Beal.