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On Monday, August 21, 2017 the Yellowstone Teton Territory area will experience a Full Solar Eclipse resulting in great memories with this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Four Tips to Survive the Last Four Weeks of Winter

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Feb 15, 2017
Winter Recreation
Activities near Yellowstone


Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and declared six more weeks of winter, but you already knew that. You’ve lived it for the last two weeks.

With just four more weeks of winter, now is the time to rid yourself of the winter blues and spring into spring.

To help you through this transition, here are four tips to help you survive the last four weeks of winter.

Do you favorite winter activity one last time

No matter what it might be, pick up that snowmobile magazine or visit that ski resort website and plan one last winter activity. By doing this, you can create closure and prepare yourself for all of the fun spring and summer activities you love and enjoy.

If you need help finding fun winter activities in Yellowstone-Teton Territory, check out these county guides:

Create a warm weather bucket list

As winter comes to a close, many of us are dreaming of warmer weather. While dreaming is well and good, why not turn your dreams into a reality?

According to Goal Band, an individual with a written goal is 50 percent more likely to achieve than a person with no goals. With a warm weather bucket list, you write down a plan all the adventures you would like to go on during the spring and summer months.

Organize your winter clothes

After your final winter adventure, be sure to organize your winter clothes and equipment. By staying organized, you will avoid clutter when you bring out all of your spring and summer gear. It will also make it that much easier to get right back to your favorite winter activities next season.

Get Active

If you have been hibernating all winter, now is the time to start getting active. There is no better time than the last four weeks of winter to get yourself physically and mentally prepared for all the fun you will be having during the warmer months of the year.

Four tips to help you survive the last four weeks of winter

As the winter months conclude and the warmer weather approaches, now is the time to prepare yourself for the many amazing adventures you will have during the spring and summer.

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