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Four Disc Golf Courses Near Idaho Falls

Posted On
Aug 25, 2017
Activities near Yellowstone


Disc Golf in Idaho

If you are looking for a new activity the whole family can enjoy, why not try disc golf?

Disc golf, much like the name suggests, is similar to the game of golf; however, instead of using clubs to hit a ball into a hole, you toss specially designed frisbees into baskets.

Cool, right?

Though you might not have heard of disc golf until now, it is very easy to start. In fact, there are four great disc golf courses near Idaho Falls that you and your family can visit today.

Freeman Park

Freeman Park in Idaho Falls features an 18-hole course that both beginners and professionals alike can enjoy. This course, which features amazing views of the Snake River, is a must-visit for all disc golfers in Yellowstone-Teton Territory.

McCowin Park

This 9-hole course in the heart of Ammon is a hidden gem. Right next to the town pool, this course features shorter holes with added obstacles that add a new dimension to your game. The only downside to this park is that it is often extremely crowded on warm summer days.

Woodland Hills Park

Another 9-hole course in Ammon, this park is hidden inside of a neighborhood, and you might often find yourself the only group on the course. This park features fairly straightforward holes that are not as long as the other parks. If you are looking for a place to play without being surrounded by others, this is the place for you.

North Bingham County Historical Park

This park is often overlooked because of the historical town located inside the park; however, this course should not be missed. Though not as difficult as other courses in the area, according to Idaho Falls Magazine, it is a great place to improve your disc golf skills.