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That Eastern Idaho is unrivaled in its hunting experiences enjoying hunting seasons for deer, elk, antelope, black bear, mountain lion, quail, pheasant and other species. Learn More

Fishing with J


Fishing with J considers Jackson Hole is the last real frontier and a sanctuary for the Snake River Fine-Spotted Cutthroat Trout. Enjoy a day of relaxation, fishing and view some of the most beautiful scenery Jackson Hole and Star Valley have to offer with a local professional promoter of true fishing etiquette (catch and release program) and river stewardship, Fishing with J welcomes both beginners and experts alike. Learn the ways of the river and these wild, indigenous trout."

Jason is a second generation fly-fisherman who grew up on these waters as a young boy. Since age seven he has had the opportunity to become a premier angler fishing these waters of the famous Snake River of Wyoming. Years and experience as a guide not only of fly fishing, but a tour guide in Teton and Yellowstone National Parks and in his younger days, a snowmobile tour guide, have brought Jason closer to what he calls "home".

"My love and passion brings knowledge which I will share with you. I was fortunate to have a father that led me down the right road to being a successful angler. He taught me the will and patience to catch these crafty fish, known as the Cut Throat Trout."

Jason etablished himself in 2010. "As a longtime guide in the Jackson valley, I had the opportunity to start my own business. I'm not in this to make a million dollars but I am passionate in providing a quality trip to those who book a trip with me.  I guess you could say I'm "old school,' I still believe in teaching the basic skills and etiquette that make fly fishing such a wonderful sport!"