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Batten Down the Hatches….the Pirates are Here!

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May 19, 2015
Activities near Yellowstone


Listen up, you salty sea dogs!  Real Pirates is commandeering the Museum of Idaho through November 28, 2015.  The Museum of Idaho is located in Idaho Falls and is a perfect stop on the way to Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming (only 1.5 away from those destinations).
Organized by National Geographic, Real Pirates tells the story of the Whydah, the first fully-authenticated pirate shipwreck ever discovered and the only one in U.S. waters.  This exhibit showcases over 200 actual artifacts, which provide visitors with an unprecedented glimpse into 18th century piracy.  
In addition to artifacts such as treasure chests of gold and silver, the oldest collection of Akan jewelry in the world, cannons, pistols, and the ship’s massive anchor, Real Pirates personally relates to visitors by sharing compelling true stories of the diverse people whose lives converged on the Whydah before it’s demise.  From 11-year old John King, who was the youngest-known pirate on the ship, to the ship’s captain, Sam Bellamy, who was known as the “Prince of Pirates” and commonly-referred to as Black Sam, visitors will get a rare opportunity to become part of this mysterious world.  Patrons will immediately be immersed as soon as they catch sight of the 33-foot pirate ship that washed up on the Museum of Idaho’s shores just outside the building.  Visitors will also get the chance to touch authentic pirate coins, hoist the Jolly Roger flag, tie pirate knots, and learn how to fire a cannon.
So gather up your comrades and chart your course and drop your anchor at the Museum of Idaho for some swashbuckling’ fun exploring Real Pirates.