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Wind Caves

Hiking, Horseback Riding


Hike Length Roundtrip: 5.2 miles roundtrip
Elevation gain: 1,800 feet
Highest Point Elevation: 8,940 feet
Trailhead GPS Ref: Long 44.4 Lat. -111.1
Level of Difficulty: Medium
Restriction: None

An interesting cave by Darby Canyon is the major draw to this popular west slope hike, closely followed by intermittent waterfalls splashing down the canyon rim along with impressive displays of wildflowers. The Wind Cave snakes through the Darby Formation, a thick layer of 350 million year-old dolomite. The trailhead is located about 20 minutes just outside the town of Driggs. It is very easy to miss the turnoff from Highway 33. The turn off is south of the Spud Theater. One of the pictures below shows the sign visible from Highway 33. As you drive up Darby Canyon, you must continue past the Girls Camp.

Beautiful scenery, a pleasant hike and a rewarding cave all describe the short hike to the Wind Cave in Darby Canyon. With a hike of about 3.5 miles each way and only a thousand foot elevation gain, the Wind Cave can be done in just a little over two hours. But once you arrive, you may spend hours crawling through the wind cave, which goes from hundreds of feet high at the entrance to merely a crawlspace farther in. For the more adventurous, an ice cave is only another mile away, but to enter this you must have technical ice climbing knowledge. Also around this area are many cliffs and boulders for the rock climber. If you go on this hike, a flashlight for the cave is a definite must.