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Two Top Mountain And Meadow Creek Loop



Two Top Mountain is one of the most popular destination spots for snowmobilers coming to Island Park. There is good reason for this reputation. First, it is easily accessible from Island Park Village, the cabin at Henry's Lake, and from West Yellowstone. Second, the trail is well groomed and suitable for even the novice snowmobiler. The exception is the very last part of the trail at the top that is step and a bit rough because of the large snow drifts across the mountain. Yet, the trail is usually well packed so it is not too difficult to negotiate. Third, the winds sculpt the snow in and around the few but hardy trees. Very little imagination is required to conjure up an army of goblins. Finally, the panoramas from the top is incredible. To the south are the Tetons. To the West are Island park, Sawtell peak, and the Centennial mountains. To the North is Henry's Lake and Lions Head. To the East is West Yellowstone and the Park.

A great place to start your journey to Two Top is from Island Park Village. Island Park Village is located on Highway 20, north of Ashton, Last Chance, Ponds Lodge, and Mack's Inn and south of Henry's lake and West Yellowstone, Montana. Here you will find all the services you need including fuel, machine and equipment rentals, convenience store, and overnight accommodations. These facilities are open all year round.