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Top 5 Year Round Fishing Holes for families in the Yellowstone Teton Territory

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Apr 11, 2019
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There are so many wonderful reasons to go fishing with your family and lucky for anyone who finds themselves in east Idaho, family fishing is an option all year round. Wading with your friends or boating with your kids is an ideal opportunity to not just get some bites but to commune with all the elements, and appreciate the amazing amentites the Northern Rockies provides. Below is a very accessible list for fishing year round. 

Top 5 Year Round Fishing Holes for families in the Yellowstone Teton Territory

1. Ririe Reservoir: This reservoir provides an exceptional and diverse fishery for anglers. Springtime is a great time to troll for Kokanee and Rainbow Trout, although bank anglers have success for trout from Blacktail Park on the southern end of the reservoir. Summer can be crowded with water skiers, but the fall can be a productive time to fish as well. In years where winter is cold enough, the ice fishing can be very popular, and a great opportunity to harvest some of the plentiful Kokanee.

Fish for: Small Mouth Bass, Yellow Perch and Rainbow Trout.

2. Ashton Reservoir: This scenic, 400 acre reservoir on the Henrys Fork, is best known for rainbow trout, but is also home to the state record brown trout. You can fish from the fishing dock at the access site, from shore, or from watercraft.

Fish for: Yellow Perch, Brown Trout, and Rainbow Trout.

3. Trail Creek Pond: Located in Victor Idaho, this small scenic pond next to Trail Creek is in the lush Teton Basin. One of the most consistent kids' fisheries in the area, it is easily fished from the bank, with trails and picnic tables around the perimeter.

Fish for: Rainbow Trout

4. Roberts Pond: Located just outside of Rigby Idaho, this pond is a great place for kids to chase small perch. Ice fishing in particular, kids can look down the hole and see a half-dozen fish compete for their bait, which really holds their attention!

Fish for:  Yellow Perch, Tiger Trout, and occasionally Rainbow Trout, are stocked here.

5. Becker Pond: Just south of Idaho Falls, this pond is a great place for new anglers or kids to try their hand at fishing. The open frequent stocking from April through October provides higher catch rates too!

Fish for: Catfish and Rainbow trout.

Worth Mentioning: Henry’s Lake

The only reason why this ever popular lake didn’t make the list was due to the few months a year where fishing is restricted (Jan. 2 through the Friday before Memorial Day) But boy, when it is open, this is an exceptional lake with high catch rates when conditions are right. Due to the nutrient-rich waters, fish growth is fast, and large trout are the norm, not the exception!

If you’d rather have local show you the ropes, you can find a full list of guides and outfittersas well as other locations, conditions, or other regional information at