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Eastern Idaho has over 1800 miles of groomed trails, numerous off-load areas and quaint warming huts, as well as endless breathtaking open ridges, meadows, scenery, and wildlife. Learn More

Parks & Recreation Areas

Eastern Idaho has enough parks and trails to satisfy even the heartiest outdoorsman. Climb the Tetons. Watch Old Faithful erupt. Navigate a dune buggy. Meander the riverside paths along the Idaho Falls Greenbelt. Explore our parks and trails and discover the beauty of Eastern Idaho.

Pristine lakes, noble mountains, abundant wildlife, and picturesque rivers are the heart of Idaho parks and trails. Combine all that with superior camping, hiking, boating, fishing, and hunting and you have world-class adventure that you can't get enough of.

Eastern Idaho has enough parks and trails to satisfy even the heartiest outdoorsman. Climb the Tetons. Watch Old Faithful erupt. Navigate a dune buggy. Meander the riverside paths along the Idaho Falls Greenbelt. Explore our parks and trails and discover the beauty of Eastern Idaho.

Mill Hollow Community Park

  • Mill Hollow Trailer Park, Rexburg
  • City | County Park
This cozy little park is not maintained by Rexburg City. Mill Hollow Community Park is maintained by the Mill Hollow Trailer Park Managers. This park is for private use of the residents of Mill Hollow.

Birch Tree Inn

  • 610 Main St, Ashton
  • 208-881-7550
Are you planning a day excursion out to Island Park or the Dunes? Need a place to stay and looking for the comforts of home, including being able to cook the meal you want? The Birch Tree Inn is the ideal spot to park it in east Idaho and call it home for a few days. Great couples, friends traveling together and children.

Community Park

  • 2nd North and Madison Avenue, Rexburg
  • City | County Park
  • 208-359-3020
Community Park covers 8.2 acre area. It is unique in that the park is adjacent to Madison High School baseball fields. Community Park is especially designed for athletic events.

Green Canyon

  • 2432 S. Canyon Creek Road, Newdale
  • Natural Attraction, Swimming
  • 208-458-4454

Enjoy a relaxing time at Green Canyon Hot Springs. It is a popular place for family reunions, church group gatherings, and vacationers. Take advantage of the pure thermally heated waters of the pool facilities. Water temperatures are a constant 96 degrees, while the outdoor hot pool is a toasty 105 degrees.

St Anthony Sand Dunes

  • Natural Attraction
Starting about eight miles west of St. Anthony are the living sand dunes - 41,000 acres of exciting potential playground just being discovered by dune buggy and snowmobile enthusiasts. The white rolling hills of sand range in height from 200 to 300 feet above the 4,900 foot valley floor.

Oregon Trail

  • Other
The National Oregon/California Trail Center (left) at Montpelier makes a very good representation of the life on the Trail using movies, paintings, displays and live actors in period costume. The Center is located on the spot of the actual encampment.

Nature Park

  • 5th West and 3rd North, Rexburg
  • City | County Park, Tennis
  • 208-359-3020

The creation of this park was mainly to provide a place for joggers and cyclists to exercise in a beautiful environment. It s located near the fairgrounds on the west side of Rexburg. The Rexburg Nature Park covers a 15 acre area. It is unique in that its jogging paths are along a beautiful area close to the South Fork of the Teton River.

Grand Teton National Park

  • National Park
One hundred miles east of Rexburg, the towering Tetons with Jenny Lake nestled beneath are one of the most magnificent sights in North America. The Tetons are one of the youngest mountain ranges on the continent but this takes nothing from their grandiose size.

Island Park Area Chamber of Commerce

  • P.O. Box 83, Island Park
  • 208-558-7281
Some of the same natural forces that once made Yellowstone National Park so scenic also made Island Park similarly beautiful.  Island Park sits in the world’s largest caldera, 23 miles in diameter, created from a volcano that collapsed in prehistoric times.  Now covered in a dense forest of pine and wildflowers and an abundance of wildlife. 

Twin Bridges Park

  • Lyman, Archer, Ririe Highway, Rexburg
  • City | County Park
  • 208-356-3139
Twin Bridges Park is located on a 31 acre plot of pristine land rich with wildlife on the South Fork of the Snake River. It was developed by Madison County and is a favorite camping, fishing and picnic area with a boat dock for river access. Campsites, shaded picnic tables and restrooms are located at the park. The area has many trees and undergrowth. There are deer and moose in the area.

Civil Defense Caves

  • Natural Attraction
The Civil Defense caves are large tubes formed from lava that snake underground for thousands of feet. Because of the insulating qualities of Lava, the interior of caves are cold, even on the hottest days of the summer.

Grand Targhee Ski Resort

  • 3300 Ski Hill Road, Alta
  • (307) 353-2300
Grand Targhee Resort offers exceptional value and a family-friendly atmosphere for guests. In addition to the many special offers, Grand Targhee Resort provides a number of complimentary services and amenities to enhance your stay.

Island Park Cabins and Lodges

  • 3834 S. Professional Way, Island Park
  • 208-523-0612
Rent an Island Park cabin, visit West Yellowstone and experience world famous fishing and snowmobiling for an unforgettable vacation in Island Park, Idaho.

Yellowstone National Park

  • National Park
The first of the national parks, Yellowstone was discovered and explored in 1808 by John Colter, formerly of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Today millions of visitors are still enjoying this spectacular wilderness.

Fremont County Parks & Recreation

  • 315 E 5th N, St. Anthony
  • 208-624-7266
WELCOME TO FREMONT COUNTY...Let your adventure begin in this well landscaped corner of Idaho where waterfalls and fun go hand in hand. Visit our beautiful mountains featuring high altitude lakes, natural springs and roaring rivers. You won't be disappointed. But don't forget to return in winter when internationally acclaimed snowmobile and cross country ski trails invite even more fun.