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Mccoy Creek



Upon reaching McCoy Creek Road, sledders can bear to the left and continue along the reservoir and down to the Alpine, WY parking lot (11.4 miles) or head West up McCoy Creek Road for 9.1 miles to the trail head at Keenan City.

Along the way to Keenan City, riders will pass the Bald Mountain and Caribou Basing Guard Stations and Old Baldy Peak to the South. There is a warming hut between Caribou Basing Guard Station and Keenan City.

The junction at Keenan City provides an opportunity to head Northwest on Brockman Road for 8.8 miles to the trail head that leads to Mann Road and Sawmill Canyon Road. Dan Creek Road, King Creek, Castle Rock and Lava Creek are just a few points of interest and trails that can be accessed at that intersection, all of which are on good groomed trails.

The final 10.3 miles of Dan Creek Road that leads to Fall Creek Road as well as the 6.6 miles of Skyline Ridge Road that intersects at the Lava Creek trail head, and also leads to Fall Creek Road, both are fair groomed trails.