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Eastern Idaho has over 1800 miles of groomed trails, numerous off-load areas and quaint warming huts, as well as endless breathtaking open ridges, meadows, scenery, and wildlife. Learn More

Leisure and Nature Activities

There are many great things to do in your leisure time here in Eastern Idaho. You can go on breathtaking scenic drives, experience enjoyable, historic, and scenic byways, visit a wildlife refuge, stroll the Greenbelt in Idaho Falls.

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Additional Activity Ideas

You can go on breathtaking scenic drives, experience enjoyable, historic, and scenic byways, escape to a bed and breakfast; or take a bus or walking tour.

Enjoy a night at the movies, learn at a planetarium, visit a brewery, or take in the view from a hot air balloon or a hang glider. You can take time to indulge in a relaxing massage and a dreamy day spa.

Finding a cultural event within Eastern Idaho is easy and fun. There are many options, for both day or night, to engulf yourself in fine art, music and dance. The art shows, stage performances, and concerts are superb and affordable. Every cultural event is produced with a goal in mind: entertain and educate while preserving America's varied peoples and traditions.

Information on public cultural events can be found by contacting the Idaho Falls Art Council. Many events are conveniently held at the Willard's Art Center & Colonial Theater in Idaho Falls and on the Brigham Young University-Idaho Campus.

Social gatherings and activities are an important part of Eastern Idaho communities. Every fourth of July you can find gatherings for parades, fireworks, picnics in city parks, and other fun activities, but social gatherings do not begin or end on July 4th. Churches are conveniently located in the communities and offer the congregations and public a place to gather, socialize and participate in activities for strengthening the community. Other activities and opportunities include dance clubs, retreats for business, and great places to hold a wedding or family reunion.

The wonders of nature await you in Eastern Idaho. The lush, vibrant landscape has amazing geological interests. Once you have seen all the geological formations, you can experience the wildlife that makes this portion of Idaho a must-visit for nature enthusiasts, photographers, and families on vacation.

There are many ways to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. You can spend a day at the zoo, explore a wildlife park, enjoy a natural forest, or even go caving in the Civil Defense Caves.