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On Monday, August 21, 2017 the Yellowstone Teton Territory area will experience a Full Solar Eclipse resulting in great memories with this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Boating - Watersports

Eastern Idaho also has over 14 sensational lakes perfect for boating, fishing, and water sports of all kinds.

Many find the elegant beauty of Eastern Idaho lakes a delightful escape from life's hustle and bustle. Most of the lakes include well kept facilities convenient for a picnic.

Eastern Idaho's lakes are a great place to escape a hectic lifestyle, and to relax while fishing, swimming, camping, or enjoying the wildlife. There are over a dozen lakes to enjoy. Each visit to any of these lakes, will be a new experience for the whole family. It doesn't matter if you are seeking calm or adventurous water sports, these lakes offer something for everyone. Enjoy everything from a picnic by the lake to a wild whitewater rafting ride.

South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report

Given the time of year, the fishing on the upper section of the South Fork of the Snake River is solid right now. Gone are the 50+ fish days of summer in which it seems that every fish is dying to eat a stonefly or PMD. Alternatively, water temperatures are down and trout are moving into their winter holding water. Long deep runs, deep soft seems, and deeper tailouts are the best places to find fish, although deep banks with structure are holding the occasional trout as well. Fast and shallow riffles are pretty much void of fish, so don’t waste your time. Although you can still cover more water by floating, the wade access is plentiful right now and will be throughout the winter. The flows at Irwin and Heise are at 910 and 1400 cfs, respectively.

Some browns are still spawning and there are a lot of clearly exposed redds out there. Instead of targeting the vulnerable fish that are in the act of spawning, target deep runs that are nearby as there’s a good chance there are a couple of trout holding there. Although it should go without saying, be sure not to walk on the redds. 

The match the midge-hatch dry fly fishing can be good to great right now. Although there are quite a few white fish rising from late morning through the middle of the day, there are also a lot of pods of rising trout eating midge adults and midge pupa. It seems like the rising trout tend to be in a little deeper water. The fish rising in 8 – 18 inches of water are usually (but not always) whities. To hook up with these trout, throw a sz 20 – 24 Griffith’s Gnat with a midge larva or pupa pattern off the back. That should do it… Given the low and clear water, the trout can spook a bit right now, especially from the wake of a boat and/or oar. 

The nymphing has been okay. Medium to smaller-sized Pat’s Rubber Legs have been producing a few trout each day, especially during the middle of the day. Egg patterns and midge larvae will also produce some hookups, although many of these hook-ups will be with white fish. 

Finally, the streamer fishing has been hit or miss. On the “hit” days, it’s been quite good in deep pools and runs. Don’t be afraid to fish the middle of the river sometimes. Unlike the days when the river is at 10,000+ cfs, at low flows some nice trout can be in this water. 


Ashton Reservoir

  • 108 S. Highway 20, Ashton
  • Boating
  • 208-652-7520

Ashton Reservoir, located just north of Ashton along Henry's Fork of the Snake River, provides excellent trout fishing, water skiing, and canoeing. There is a power plant at the dam just west of Ashton and a beautiful ribbon waterfall by this dam. The Reservoir and facilities are maintained by Utah Power and Light Company personnel.

South Fork

  • 1405 Hollipark Dr., Idaho Falls
  • Boating
  • 208-524-7500
The South Fork River Basin of the mighty Snake River begins high up in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming. As the river flows south and across the Idaho border, it is retained by Palisades Dam creating the 18-mile picturesque Palisades Reservoir. Several campgrounds and boat launch areas are located along Highway 26. The Palisades Reservoir and the South Fork of the Snake River provide the angler some of the most outstanding native cutthroat fishing in the west.

Blacktail Lake

  • 226 Meadow Creek Road, Idaho Falls
  • Boating
  • 208-538-5548
Blacktail Park has green grass and a boat dock for the south end of the Ririe Reservoir. There are picnic tables and restroom facilities. Picnicking, water sports and boating are favorite activities in this area.

Island Park Reservoir

  • P.O. Box 220, Island Park
  • Boating
  • 208-558-7301
This lake is formed from the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. It is a beautiful lake surrounded by lodgepole pine trees, with fantastic fishing, and located only about 60 miles north of Rexburg. This large reservoir is popular for boating, fishing and water skiing.

Birch Tree RV & Rentals

  • 610 Main Street, Ashton
  • Boating
  • 208-881-7550
With multiple options for RV rentals, delivery and set up, Birch Tree RV Rental is the first choice for touring the Northern Rockers and around Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

Ririe Reservoir

  • 226 Meadow Creek Road, Idaho Falls
  • Boating
  • 208-538-7285
The Ririe Dam was built for flood control and irrigation. It is emptied each fall for farming needs, but it offers some of the best boating in the summer. Fish can be caught from the boat dock at the bottom of the canyon. Picnic facilities are available in the junipers at the top of Ririe Reservoir with water skiing and fishing within view for all to enjoy.