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Henrys Lake State Park

Ashton, Idaho 83429
State Park


Sixty miles northeast of Rexburg, high in a mountain bowl at an elevation of 6470 feet, lies Henry's Lake. The lake is within Henry's Lake State Park and surrounded by lush meadow and the towering Sawtooth Mountains. The shallow lake is known for big trout catches. Henry's Fork of the Snake River originates at the outlet of the famous Henry's Lake, just under the Continental Divide between Idaho and Montana. This stream is world renowned as one of the best fly fishing areas in the world. Big Springs furnishes year round water for Henry's Fork of the Snake River. The Idaho Fish and Game plant fish in the river at this point and prohibit fishing within a certain distance of Big Springs. Large fish can be viewed from the Big Springs bridge. Also located in this area is Johnny Sacks cabin. There is a visitors' center and it is open for tours during the summer.

Henry's Fork of the Snake River was named after Andrew Henry who was the first white explorer to witness the beauty of Island Park and Henry's Fork. A magnificent watershed attracts today's back country visitors. Henry's Fork of the Snake River is world famous for its fly fishing. It is also the home of many trumpeter swans, the world's heaviest flying bird. At the headwaters of Henry's Fork at Big Springs are spawning grounds for huge rainbow trout, with moose, muskrat, geese and great blue herons frequenting the area.This river meanders through park meadows, fields and forests. No trout river in the world has as much diversity in water types as the Henry's Fork.

This area also offers hiking opportunities. Coffee Pot Rapids Trail is 2.5 miles and the trail follows the Henry's Fork of the Snake River viewing changes from a placid stream to raging rapids. Rocks and other obstacles may hinder walking slightly. It is closed to motorized vehicles. The Trailhead is at Coffeepot Campground in Island Park. Boat ramps/docks on Henry's Lake are: Henry's Lake State Park, Staley Springs, Wild Rose and William Frome O. Park.

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