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From the most avid outdoors-man to dignitaries, fly fishing in Eastern Idaho is second to none. Occasional fly fishing tournaments and national exposure is not uncommon to Eastern Idaho's fly fishing rivers. Learn More

Grays Lake



If sledders chose to bypass Brockman Road at Keenan City and continue Southwest, a good groomed trail leads to Grays Lake between the Herman trail head and the other Brockman Road junction. Another trail head 1.7 miles up the road forks off to Cranes Flat Road and Southwest for 12.1 miles to the Paradise Road trail head and a 5 mile loop around Blackfoot Reservoir.

At the Paradise Road trail head, sledders can access Blackfoot Reservoir Road, and 17.9 miles later, along a good groomed trail, eventually find themselves at the Bone Store. Heading North along Blackfoot Reservoir Road from the reservoir for 11.8 miles brings riders to the trail head at the intersection of Cellars Creek Road where a left turn and a westerly heading for 18.8 miles puts a sled in the Wolverine parking lot.

Taking the other fork in the road at Cranes Flat Road trail head puts sledders on Long Valley Road for 14.6 miles of a good groomed trail. At the Horse Creek trail head, riders have a variety of choices that range from continuing West toward Wolverine; heading Northwest to the Bone Store, or bearing Northeast past Pine Mountain and King Creek for 7.1 miles to a quaint warming hut at the Grays trail head, approximately 15 miles Northwest of Grays Lake.

At the hut, working Northwest leads to Dan Creek Road and on to Kepps Crossing Road where a right turn at that intersection heads sleds back to Fall Creek Road.

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