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Cress Creek Trail



The Cress Creek Nature Trail has been used by schools for years for field trips for grade school children. Yet the gentile hike provides a wonderful panorama of the South Fork of the Snake River during the summer and an explosion of color in the fall that all age groups will enjoy. During the hot summer months, the part of the trial by the creek is refreshingly cool. The trail was repaired and upgraded in 2003, by the Bureau of Land Management to make it handicap accessible. Along with the improvement of the trail, many interpretive signs have been added that replace the previous pamphlet that was available.

To reach the trail turn left after crossing the bridge over the South Fork of the Snake River as you head towards Heise. This is just north of the Mountain River Ranch. The gravel road will head north west along the river. The parking lot, rest rooms, and trail head will be obvious on the east side of the road.