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From the most avid outdoors-man to dignitaries, fly fishing in Eastern Idaho is second to none. Occasional fly fishing tournaments and national exposure is not uncommon to Eastern Idaho's fly fishing rivers. Learn More

Coffee Pot Rapids



This hike along the Henry's fork of the Snake River samples the birds and wildlife of the river in a tranquil stretch. The river flows so gently here that algae make the water green. Because the trail is shaded, the hike is pleasant on a hot day. The destination, Coffee Pot Rapids, sprays white water in a dark, narrow section of the canyon. The rapids came by their name many years ago when fur trapper, rancher, and scout George Rea was canoeing along the Henry's Fork. After several miles of calm water, he came to a end in the river and set of nasty rapids boulders rushed out ahead of him. His canoe overturned and all he managed to salvage was his coffee pot. Rea first came to the Henry's Fork in 1865, and was the first to file for a homestead in the Island Park area.