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From the most avid outdoors-man to dignitaries, fly fishing in Eastern Idaho is second to none. Occasional fly fishing tournaments and national exposure is not uncommon to Eastern Idaho's fly fishing rivers. Learn More

Bone Area



The area south east of Idaho Falls is commonly known as the Bone area. While Bone, Idaho is small, the area is not. There are miles and miles of groomed trails traversing rolling hills. The area extents from Blackfoot on the west to Palisades Reservoir on the East and to Soda Springs on the South.

To get to the parking lots just south of Bone, Idaho, you can take either Lincoln Road or First Street. Just keep heading East. Eventually the road turn south and intersect leading to Bone. There are several other parking areas that provide access to the area including Wolverine on the West, Fall Creek, Palisades Dam, and Alpine, Wyoming to the East.