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Teton Valley is Paradise for Art Lovers

  • Posted On: 12/14/20 at 12:00 PM
  • Category: Activities near Yellowstone, Summer Recreation, Things to Do, Winter Recreation
Living in the shadow of the Tetons provides endless inspiration for Teton Valley artists, and the area is a hub for all sorts of art aficionados. The community is so creative that even outhouses are graced with beautiful artwork. December is a great time to appreciate the local art scene and support local artists while holiday shopping. Below is a quick guide to Teton Valley’s art scene, including local events, places to purchase art, and ways to make your own creations. 

Art in the Yellowstone Teton Territory

  • Posted On: 11/24/20 at 10:00 AM
  • Category: Activities near Yellowstone, Things to Do
Everyone knows the Yellowstone Teton Territory has world-class outdoor opportunities and breathtaking mountain scenery, but fewer people know about the local arts scene, which is a relatively undiscovered gem. When the weather outside is dreary, it’s a great time to focus on creativity and explore the many art venues throughout the area. The region inspires amazing art, and much of the visual art on display incorporates local themes, from the Wild West to wildlife and incredible mountain views. Be sure to plan a trip to visit some of these regional art attractions. Please keep in mind venues and events are subject to COVID-related changes and closures, so check with each venue or event before making your plans.

Breweries and Beer Festivals in the Yellowstone Teton Territory

  • Posted On: 10/19/20 at 02:00 PM
  • Category: Activities near Yellowstone, Things to Do, Upcoming Events
Fall is harvest season all around Eastern Idaho, and local farmers are busy harvesting all sorts of crops--including the ones that go into beer. The Gem State tops the nation in barley production and ranks second in hops production. With so many top-quality ingredients grown so close to home, it’s no surprise local brewers are getting in on the action. The Yellowstone Teton beer scene is evolving rapidly, and new breweries are popping up more frequently now than ever before.

Fall Fun in the Yellowstone Teton Territory

  • Posted On: 10/9/20 at 10:31 AM
  • Category: Activities near Yellowstone, Animals near Yellowstone, Things to Do, Upcoming Events, Yellowstone Activies
When the fall chill starts to set in, it’s not time to hibernate. It’s time to head out and enjoy the Yellowstone Teton Territory during one of its most stunning seasons. Whether you’d rather go look at fall leaves, spend some time fishing, or enjoy harvest festivities, the region offers something for everyone during autumn.

Enjoy Yellowstone Teton Territory's Famous Potatoes

  • Posted On: 9/15/20 at 09:00 AM
  • Category: Things to Do
It's no secret: Idaho is famous for its potatoes. The Gem State produces 13 billion pounds of spuds every year, and the Yellowstone Teton Territory is the perfect place to sample them. While many schools have discontinued the traditional fall “spud break” where students were let out of school for a week or two to help with the harvest, potato farming is still very important in the region. As farmers bring in their fall harvest, be sure to check out these favorite regional restaurants for a taste of the best potatoes you can find anywhere.