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On Monday, August 21, 2017 the Yellowstone Teton Territory area will experience a Full Solar Eclipse resulting in great memories with this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Become a Member

Yellowstone Teton Territory’s membership fee is only $75 a year, and an easy and affordable way to promote your Eastern Idaho business.

To join, please complete the form below and include your company’s information just as you would like it to appear in the YTT Membership Directory. Then, please call (208) 356-5700 to pay your membership fee.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Become a Yellowstone Teton Territory Member

Yellowstone Teton Territory promotes Eastern Idaho businesses to potential visitors all around the world. Below are 10 of the ways YTT works to advance member businesses.


10. YTT attends 7 trade shows and 5 international travel shows each year, distributing YTT members’ promotional materials.


9. YTT publishes and distributes the YTT Official Travel Visitors Guide, promoting the six-county area. Members are also listed in the Adventure Guide member directory.


8. YTT maintains a website promoting the YTT area that receives over 3,000 unique visits per month. Members are listed in the digital membership directory.


7. YTT promotes the Yellowstone Teton Territory area through digital, mobile, social media, and email.


6. YTT leases two billboards in Eastern Idaho promoting visits to our counties and cities for events and activities.


5. YTT members may email their business message once a month to the YTT tourist database of 150,000 emails.


4. YTT publishes a brochure to promote the six counties and distributes it through Certified Folder Display.


3. YTT features an 800-number and fulfills information requests through phone and email to promote members of YTT.


2. YTT provides grants for marketing and promotions directly to Rexburg, Swan Valley, and Fremont and Jefferson counties.


1. YTT co-ops or partners for the benefit of our members with Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, Grand Targhee Resort, Southeast Idaho High Country Tourism, Idaho Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Teton Valley Chamber of Commerce.


All for a membership fee of only $75 per year! Yellowstone Teton Territory membership is an easy and cost-effective way to promote your business.

Membership Application



Please Print and Return to Rexburg Chamber of Commerce 167 West Main Street #2 Rexburg, ID 83440


Business Name:  ________________________________________________________________


Contact Person:  ________________________________________________________________


Address:  _____________________________________________________________________


City:  ______________________________ State: __________________ Zip: _______________


Telephone:   (        )___________________________Fax: (         )_________________________


Email: ________________________________________________________________________


Web Address:__________________________________________________________________


Number of Employees:  Full-time: ______________________ Part-time:  __________________


I would be interested in being involved in a committee (circle one).  YES NO



Signature: __________________________________________ Date: _____________________


Please Make Checks Payable To:  Yellowstone Teton Territory – Membership

167 West Main Street #2

Rexburg, ID 83440