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Arugula Deli

151 N. Ridge Ave ste 40
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
Sandwich | Deli


Chef Marcel has always had a passion for cooking and food. As a young boy in Bolivia, he learned to cook by his mother's side. She taught him to combine simple ingredients to make delicious meals. Recipes were replaced with traditions, and everything Marcel learned about cooking was done with instinct and taste. Thanks to her, he has always loved cooking.

Marcel's wife, Mindy has always been a self-proclaimed foodie. She has traveled around the world, and has been exposed to some of the most delectable dishes in Europe, Bolivia, and other countries. Later in life, her love of food and her insight on health cultivated a passion for nutritious, good for you, food. Mindy's mother always grew a garden. Those memories of planting, harvesting, and pruning the garden are something Mindy has always cherished. 

Marcel's passion and unbeatable knowledge for cooking combined with Mindy's love of gardening and providing healthy and nutritious food led them to opening their restaurant, Arugula in 2014.


Here at Arugula, our passion is fresh, healthy, and delicious food. In order to meet the high expectations for our ingredients, we source as many ingredients as we can from our own farm, and other local farms and suppliers. 

When produce is harvested early, it's robbed of its full life on the vine. When it's picked before total ripeness (for shipping purposes), fruits and vegetables don't reach their maximum nutritional value. In the interest of health and environmental efforts, we have made it a goal to use as many local suppliers as possible. 

Our beef comes from Crowfoot J Ranch, and our preservative-free tortillas from Los Reyes Tortillas. We purchase produce from Eddington Farms and other local farms whenever possible. 

Waste isn't always a bad thing. At Arugula, we take our kitchen scraps and bring them to our farm. Once at the farm, we put them in raised beds with leaves and other natural foliage to create a compost pile. This is not only keeping it out of landfills, but also adding nutrients to the soil. 

Freshness should never be compromised, quality never sacrificed, and healthy never bland. 

Sourcing as many ingredients from our farm and local sources as possible,
we strive to ensure the freshest food ends up on your plate.  

We are located inside the O.E. Bell Building across from Woods Funeral Home. The main entrance and parking for the restaurant is on the south side of the building.Open Monday through Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


In addition to our farm fresh philosophy, everything at Arugula is made from scratch. Our chicken and beef broths, pasta noodles and sauces, breads and salad dressings are all made in-house to ensure the highest quality, and best tasting food on your plate. 

Our dishes satisfy a variety of diets, and palates. We offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free entrees every day. Good comes from everywhere, and we want to be part of it. 

Our chef, Marcel Gutierrez wants to change the stigma that surrounds school lunches. Currently Arugula provides lunch for Alturas Academy. These lunches are based on the same principles rooted in Arugula. Fresh, nutritional food should never be compromised. Even at school.  

The school lunch program is a service we want to expand in the coming years. 



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