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Bonneville County Solar Eclipse

Posted On
Mar 16, 2017
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Enjoy the 2017 Solar Eclipse In Bonneville County, ID

On August 21, 2017, at 11:33 a.m. Bonneville County will experience a total solar eclipse. This rare event will not happen again for over 400 years. We hope that everyone visiting Bonneville County will have a safe and memorable experience. Due to the large amount of visitors expected in our area we caution everyone to review the following information and ensure that you are prepared to safely enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

General safety information:

  • An extremely high volume of traffic could mean extended travel delays following the eclipse. Be prepared with adequate fuel and water in your vehicle at all times.
  • WEAR PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR. You must have protective eyewear to view the partial phases of the eclipse. Plan ahead.
  • High communications demand could impair cell phone use. Plan for compromised service.
  • August is often the peak season for fire danger. Use extreme caution with any type of fire use. Always completely extinguish all camp fires after use. Aerial fireworks are prohibited in Idaho.
  • For more general information and Local Events:

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Travel Safety:

Other helpful links:

Nat’l Weather Service/Pocatello office:

NWS Travel Tool:

Public Health:

Food Safety & Preparedness Ideas:

Water Usage and Managing Water: &

In the event of Heat Related Problems:

Severe Weather: &

Sign up for our local Code Red emergency alerts:


  • Though most new cell phones will automatically receive emergency alerts, to better ensure your safety while visiting Idaho, we recommend you sign up for alerts in the county you will be staying in during your visit.
  • Link to enroll:

Check out these websites for Bonneville County Cities:

Other “Eclipse” Counties in Southeast Idaho:

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