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That Eastern Idaho is unrivaled in its hunting experiences enjoying hunting seasons for deer, elk, antelope, black bear, mountain lion, quail, pheasant and other species. Learn More


Swimming Pools, Water Parks, Hot Springs,...

Those who enjoy swimming can find clean, refreshing, indoor pools maintained by many Eastern Idaho communities.  For the younger set, there is a spray park designed especially for children in Rexburg's Porter Park.

There are also several traditional indoor swimming pools in Eastern Idaho. These sparkling clean swimming pools are managed by their respective cities with convenient hours.

Eastern Idaho's lakes are a great place to escape a hectic lifestyle, and to relax while fishing, swimming, camping, or enjoying the wildlife. There are over a dozen lakes to enjoy. Each visit to any of these lakes, will be a new experience for the whole family. It doesn't matter if you are seeking calm or adventurous water sports, these lakes offer something for everyone. For information , go to Lakes and Watersports.

A favorite thing to do in Eastern Idaho is to swim at the area's two hot springs. Hot springs, those rare creations of nature, feed pools and hot tubs and are the perfect remedy for anyone seeking a relaxing therapeutic hot mineral bath. You can also experience the thrill of twisting and turning through the labyrinth of a water slide.