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Skyline Ridge Road


Traveling Southeast at the hut works sledders back to the Lava Creek and Sawmill Canyon Road intersection, and a 2.7 mile ride down Lava Creek intersects with Skyline Ridge Road and 6.6 miles of a fair groomed trail that again leads to the trail head of Kepps Crossing Road and Fall Creek Road where a right turn puts sledders 13.8 miles from the Fall Creek parking lot.

For snowmobilers who want to forego the ride along the Snake River Road and climb westerly along Fall Creek Road, the first 13.8 miles are a good groomed trail.

The trail head at that point permits a left turn onto a fair groomed trail on Skyline Ridge Road for 6.6 miles to the good groomed trail at Lava Creek trail head or bearing to the right (northwesterly) on Kepps Crossing Road for 15.4 miles on a fair groomed trail.

The Dan Creek Road trail head is 6.3 miles from the Skyline Ridge Road trail head, and sledders need to realize that all of Dan Creek Road and Kepps Crossing Road and the first 6.6 miles of Skyline Ridge Road from this western access only are fair groomed trails.